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More than ever decision-makers need to prepare themselves for new decision-making criteria regarding the financial structure of liabilities of a company’s balance sheet. That is the reason why "Credit Management Europe"' keeps employees of finance department continuously informed about that subject and developments in the field of active credit management − especially for mid-size companies. The intention of "CreditManager Europe" is to continuously and strongly improve skills in finance departments in respect of the active organisation of company financing.

Experts in all areas of company financing concentrating on claims management write clearly, informatively and based on their own experience. In this way they make it easier to solve problems in everyday work. A professionally competent editorial committee determines direction and basic topics.


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CreditManager Europe 

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CreditManager Europe


CreditManager Europe

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CreditManager Europe


CreditManager Europe

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CreditManager Europe


 CreditManager Europe


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Editorial Board:

Glen Bullivant, Presidant FECMA, UK
Peter Postmus, The Netherlands
Josef Busutill, Malta
Dr. Michael Sauter CCM, Germany
Prof. Dr. Ludo Theunissen, Belgium

Chief Editors:

Pascale Jongejans

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Jan Schneider-Maessen CCM

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